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At CUSTOMCASE we are fond of tablets and smartphones, so we set a goal for ourselves to provide you with a fast, convenient and simple way to create your own original and stylish design! Nothing pleases us more than your enjoyment of the personal, individual and at the same time innovative and technically advanced product. We offer the largest selection of patterns, colors, themes, and personalization!

We use the best Japanese industrial equipment (with an astonishing 8-color CMYK dye sublimation ink system) for the best quality of images. The appearance of the finished product will always be the same or even better than on the screen! All images and designs in our gallery are created with a resolution of 300 dpi to exceed your expectations for sure. If you create your own CUSTOMCASE design, we also recommend you to use the images of at least 300 dpi for the best results.

Natural colors and an unlimited number of tints. From the family photos to the hand-drawn cartoon characters, from the trendy patterns to the paintings reproductions. Release your creativity and express yourself! Your device will never be "as all the rest"!

The manufactured with the exclusive technology «ISD Color Integration Technology™» cases are accompanied by the unconditional 30-day warranty. During the sublimation transfer of an image we use the equipment designed and manufactured by IDT Systems (UK), which delivers the world's best solutions for three-dimensional decoration. The technological process covers the full cycle of production – materials, the design of plastic blanks, inks and a special technology for transferring images onto a bulk surface.

We don't "print the cases". We manufacture the custom design accessories for your device, using the 3D in-surface decoration technology. All sides, edges and the corners of the device will be covered.

You may damage the surface of your cover, but you won’t tear off the image. It has become a part of the surface on a molecular level; it is not a layer of paint, which can be removed. All our iPhone 3GS, 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note I, Samsung Galaxy Note II, or iPad or iPad Mini are made of the durable polycarbonate plastic. The quality of design, materials and coatings is the highest. All components are manufactured according to ISO, and all the cases meet the standards of Consumer Electronics Specification, as well as the requirements of the level of ROHs and REACH. This means that our products meet the requirements and specifications of such companies as Apple and Samsung and can be freely sold in their official Brand Shops!

Individual design and the protection of your device. Whichever design you choose, and how many models and cases you would not prefer – CUSTOMCASE will make sure that you enjoy your purchase, and your device has been stylish and protected.

Every order is carefully inspected to ensure the absence of defects at the output of the production. Every order is packed in a standard envelope, so it will not be damaged or broken during the delivery.

We will deliver your order to any corner of Ukraine. If you order a gift for somebody, we will deliver it directly to the addressee together with a personal congratulatory message on your behalf (this service is completely free). The delivery is also free of charge. The delivery is done by "Nova Poshta" – the undisputed national leader in express deliveries.

It's unlikely, but if you find any problem with the quality of the received product, immediately inform us for the unconditional replacement.

"CUSTOMCASE" LLC is officially registered company with the office and production in Kiev, Ukraine. We are an exclusive partner of the corporation IDT Systems Ltd (UK), so you don’t have to look no further. The best quality and customized design are here!

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