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Stylish individual CUSTOMCASE is a perfect gift idea. Everybody will like it – a child, a teenager or even a person “who has already everything”. You can express your feelings and emotions by choosing the design, you can consider the interests and hobbies, and you can even create your own gift design with your own hands!

Just choose "gift" option at the checkout. The "edit" button will appear, which can be used to enter the text of your special gift note. You can leave this field empty or create any text to be sent along with the gift.

The note will be attached to the CUSTOMCASE in the same envelope. Invoice will not be included into the envelope. You will get all cost and payment information in your account settings or by e-mail. Because of clear reasons ordering a gift is possible only with payment by card option.

Ordering a gift comes with no extra charges, regardless of the city or model name.
Have fun and send fun to your friends, colleagues and loved ones!